Date: Thursday, December 6, 2018
Ben Bowler (EMAX) has been invited to speak at ETH Zurich about the FLEXITRANSTORE project and the business models for flexibility that are being designed by WP3. A great Opportunity for our project to gain visibility!!
See the details below:

Flexibility in European electricity systems: Horizon 2020 insights on markets, regulation, technology and emerging business models

Speaker:     Ben Bowler, EMAX Consultancy
Date:           Thursday, 20th December 2018,  11:00
Place:          ETH Zurich, Room ETF C 109, Sternwartstrasse 7, 8092 Zurich
Our electricity network requirements are changing as we decarbonise generation and electrify demand. We need a system that can respond to much greater fluctuations in demand while relying on intermittent, variable renewable energy sources. Technology, regulation and wholesale markets must also adapt, and network operators face new challenges as they manage and invest in their networks. As a result, new commercial opportunities are emerging for those generators, consumers and intermediaries that can manage their flexibility.
During his presentation, Ben Bowler will discuss emerging business models for flexibility in the electricity network with special focus on demand response, energy storage and aggregation. He will relate his experience in the 20M Euro Horizon 2020 ‘Flexitranstore’ project, which focuses on transmission level flexibility, wholesale markets, and energy storage. He will describe emerging opportunities in wholesale markets across Europe, changing regulatory requirements, and the impact on network owners and operators. Using examples from Europe, he will explore what lessons we can apply to Switzerland as it implements the 2050 energy strategy.
Ben Bowler (Energy Markets and Innovation Expert, EMAX Consultancy – Brussels) is work package leader for future business models, market design and regulation in the 20M Flexitranstore project. The project has 28 partners from across Europe and includes multiple demonstration projects focused on energy storage integration with wind power, gas generation, and market simulations for electricity networks.