Date: Monday, May 28, 2018
FLEXITRANSTORE completed the first six months of its course in April and the consortium is going to meet in Sofia in May 31st and June 1st for its first plenary meeting. During these first six months preparatory activities and the design phase have been initiated, whereas the project is now ready to enter the implementation phase. By means of a questionnaire that was addressed to relevant energy sector stakeholders the main requirements regarding flexibility in the power systems were identified. The technologies that will be utilized have already been specified and the end-users are ready for the development and deployment.
During the plenary meeting in Sofia, the progress so far will be briefly discussed and the partners will focus on the creation of a roadmap for the actions of the next periods. The Flexible Energy Grid (FEG) platform, which is a main target of the project for the periods to come, provides the technical basis to support the valorisation of flexibility services, enhancing the existing European Internal Energy Market (IEM). The conceptual architecture, the main components and the inter-relationships that exist will be discussed in detail. Moreover, issues regarding the design of the eight demonstrators of the project will be in the center of the agenda. Finally, communication, dissemination and exploitation activities by partners so far will be discussed and special focus will be given on identifying early exploitable results and on further promoting the project through social media, conferences events, workshops and special platforms like the BRIDGE initiative, in which FLEXITRANSTORE is an active member.