The demonstrations that comprise Layer 1 regard technologies that will be installed at the connection points of the transmission system.

At the distribution system end efficient substation controllers and storage configurations will be installed, improving real-time awareness and flexibility at the TSO/DSO interface, thus providing several operational services. Besides the apparent positive effect on the provision of primary services, ancillary services will be provided as well such as: voltage support, frequency regulation, grid stabilization, balancing services etc.

At the production end adaptive controls and storage energy systems will increase the robustness and flexibility of conventional generation. The installed features will achieve the restoration of the low inertia that is typical in systems with high penetration of RES.

The Demonstration comprising Layer 1 are:

  • Demonstration 1: Active Substation Controller with storage integration at the TSO/DSO interface.
  • Demonstration 2: Active Substation Controller with storage integration at the Wind Park Plant substation.
  • Demonstration 6: Active Substation Controller in Hardware-in -the-Loop (HIL) demonstration.
  • Demonstration 7: Plant integrated Battery Energy Storage System in GT Generator.
  • Demonstration 8: Robust conventional generation plant through Power System Stabilizer.