FLEXITRANSTORE aims to increase the flexibility of the European Energy System. The approach targets the entire energy industry value chain by focusing on not only a stronger and more flexible infrastructure, but also on the capabilities of demand side response, improved operations, more flexible generation and the integration of storage to accelerate RES integration and increase cross border flows from a market and system perspective.

As a result, the challenge is twofold. At a system level, developing a next generation Flexible Energy Grid (FEG) by incorporating novel technical features into the conventional grid. At a market level, by creating new business models and a new wholesale market infrastructure which will incentivize new business perspectives for cross borders resources management and energy trading between European countries.

The FEG components and the digital market infrastructure will be deployed in 8 Demonstrations which will take place in 6 countries, namely Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Slovenia, Belgium and Spain. Each Demonstration focuses on illustrating specific functions and serving real needs and existing challenges.

The demonstration projects can be sorted in three different layers depending on their respective field of implementation. Layer 1 regards flexibility at transmission connection points: Production and demand. Layer 2 focuses on increasing cross border capacity and clean energy flows. Finally, Layer 3 is relevant to flexibility entering the market.

The Demonstrations that are going to be developed for the purposes of FLEXITRANSTORE are:

  • Demonstration 1: Active Substation Controller with storage integration at the TSO/DSO interface.
  • Demonstration 2: Active Substation Controller with storage integration at the Wind Park Plant Substation.
  • Demonstration 3: Dynamic Line Rating technology.
  • Demonstration 4: Power Flow Control Devices – Power Guardian.
  • Demonstration 5: Wholesale Market Demonstration and Clearing.
  • Demonstration 6: Active Substation Controller in Hardware in the Loop (HIL) demonstration.
  • Demonstration 7: Large Scale Storage System for Combined Cycle plant (PI-BESS).
  • Demonstration 8: Robust Conventional Generation Plant through Power System Stabilizer.