Up until recently conventional power plants were designed and constructed for an optimized operation at the base-load. Today, utilities are pushed by TSOs to provide more reserve capacity and more flexibility to support a safe operation of the grid.

Generating units can support a more efficient integration of renewable energy. Combined with energy storage certain technical challenges, especially when it comes to short reaction times, can be resolved.

The optimized integration of a special Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) in a power plant can be perceived as a new product called Plant Integrated BESS (PI-BESS). This new product is capable of providing special services, such as: operation of the plant closer to the base-load, additional frequency response capacity, frequency response capacity when the plant is offline, faster frequency response, black start capacity, improved ramp rates an load-shifting.

FLEXITRANSTORE intends to demonstrate the benefits of the PI-BESS concept by implementing a demonstrator on an existing plant.

Objectives - Ambition

  • To implement an actual PI-BESS demonstrator on a CCGT plant.
  • To demonstrate the technical, economical and commercial advantages of this integrated proposal, compared to the operation of a stand-alone BESS connected directly to the grid.