Demonstration 3 serves as the first step towards the implementation of Demonstrations 1 and 2, utilizing the Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) concept.

The use of real-time simulation systems with HIL capabilities is a usual development technique in sectors such as aerospace and automotive. New conditions in power systems necessitate the use of real-time simulation with HIL before installing and performing physical tests of equipment and systems on the real grid. The reason behind this rationale is that it entails reduction of cost, time and risk, since it serves as a trial procedure, capable of detecting errors during the development stages in the projects.

FLEXITRANSTORE will make use of this methodology in order to develop the hierarchical control systems that are going to be used in the ADN and the WPP active substations. A facility will be setup devoted to both program the innovative control algorithms of the active substations and to demonstrate their effective contribution in increasing flexibility and improving reliability in power systems where the active substations are connected. Finally this virtual power system will be used during the demonstration phase of FLEXITRANSTORE, comparing the operational magnitudes and indicators of the remotely monitored demonstrators with the ones resulting from the virtual environment.

Objectives - Ambition

  • To design and implement an innovative facility addressed to develop advanced control systems for active substations using a virtual environment.
  • To demonstrate the operation of the active substations in the demonstration sites by assessing the effectiveness of their functionalities and services.
  • To remotely monitor demonstrators and conduct detailed analyses and studies to elucidate the performance of demonstrators in significant operation cases.