Problem statement:

In case of extreme weather conditions, solution is to be developed for solving de-icing related issues effectively 


  • To demonstrate sensor technology for power system operators to effectively handle and prevent sudden and often fatal failures, especially during icing weather conditions.
  • To increase system security and reliability by reducing icing phenomena.
  • To facilitate cross-border power exchanges by the implementation of the described systems. 


  • The sensors for de-icing solutions demo has achieved important milestones in year two with successful installation at both test sites in Bulgaria and Slovenia. Supporting infrastructure like weather stations, weather forecast, line monitoring sensors, SCADA current data service, etc. are established and working on a real-time based central database in Slovenia. The line monitoring sensors and a weather station are installed in Bulgaria, while the data link is under construction between the equipment.
  • The laboratory test of sensors has been successfully performed and a test report is issued.
  • A complex grid management system is under realization and tuning in case of Slovenian demo line, which includes DLR calculation, conductor temperature tracking, ice forecast and sag simulation. In case of Bulgarian demo line, the system will be implemented after the establishment of the data link between the measuring equipment.

Concept of sensor system and software background of DLR system


OTLM sensors on Kleče-Logatec line after reinstallation, Slovenia



Pictures taken during 2019-20 winter period with OTLM smart devices ice detection camera: showing positive impact of the system - only wet snow occurred, no significant icing event was detected


Reliability of OTLM sensors – March 2020