Increasing the reliability of both the distribution and the transmission grid is essential, especially in cases of unpredictable or even extreme weather conditions. In Demonstration 3 a novel Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) model is going to be developed and tested. DLR enables existing power lines to be used in the same way as lines with higher rated temperature of the conductors. FLEXITRANSTORE will develop a de-icing algorithm which will integrate the advantages of several already established DLR systems with some additional parameters in an effort to increase accuracy. Given a more precise DLR algorithm the state of the conductors during the de-icing process can be followed online. During normal operational conditions DLR constitutes an effective way to increase the transfer capabilities of a power line. In case of extreme weather conditions de-icing can prevent serious failures.

System implementation is going to include the integration of a server into the TSO and DSO systems. This will run an advanced algorithm in order to identify and indicate critical icing conditions. Different sensors available in the market will be tested both in the laboratory and on-site. The algorithm will include two parts: one for soft-programming calculations and the other for data collection and analysis of meteorological and SCADA real-time data as well as local power line information.

The demo will run in two sites, one in the electricity grid of Electro Ljubljana (ELJ) and the second in north-eastern Bulgaria on the 220kV power line Karnobat – Varna

Objectives - Ambition

  • To demonstrate sensor technology for power system operators to effectively handle and prevent sudden and often fatal failures, especially during icing weather conditions.
  • To increase system security and reliability by reducing icing phenomena.
  • To facilitate cross-border power exchanges by the implementation of the described systems.