Modern grid codes require renewable power plants to regulate their active and reactive power output in order to provide ancillary services such as voltage and frequency support mimicking conventional generation units. It has also been proven that the provision of inertial response and power oscillation damping by renewable power plants is also beneficial to improve stability in power systems with high penetration of RES.

These requirements entail that a renewable power plant, e.g. a Wind Power Plant (WPP) should be able to perform instantaneous fluctuations of its power output. However, it is a generally valid concept, that across all operating conditions, a WPP can easily offer reduction of power output, while any increase requires previous curtailment.

FLEXITRANSTORE, proposes through this demonstration the integration of a BESS along with advanced controllers into the connection substation of a WPP in order to exploit the benefits of the regulation and stabilization services that it can provide. Other advantages include smoothing power fluctuations of the WPP output, thus minimizing the effects of wind unpredictability on the system.

The integration of storage to support the power output of a WPP in Northern Greece will be demonstrated in the field at the Aisimi Substation (150kV/20kV).

Objectives – Ambition

  • To design and implement an innovative active substation, which integrates a BESS for a WPP, providing flexible regulation and power management services to the TSO.
  • To demonstrate reduction of the resource variability impact on the performance of power systems with significant penetration of RES.
  • To design and implement a complete demonstration project of WPP controller and BESS in the SEE region.
  • To make the transient response of a WPP similar to that of a synchronous generator unit.