This advanced substation at the TSO/DSO interface, called Active Distribution Node (ADN) is devoted to improving the TSO/DSO interaction by integrating energy storage, grid supporting power converters, automation and intelligent controllers focused on increasing grid stability.

The main advantages of the ADN to the system can be attributed to the presence of the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and its controllers. The ADN utilizing the BESS will participate in the frequency regulation at the transmission side. Another advantage is the ability to manage energy at the distribution side in order to optimize its use and to increase the flexibility of the system. Voltage regulation and transient stability are additional services offered by the ADN.

The ADN can also participate in energy markets since it can act as an aggregator with energy storage capacity, and in ancillary service markets by offering primary and secondary frequency control, spinning reserve, voltage control, and load regulation and shedding.

This demonstration project will be installed at the TSO/DSO interface of the electricity system of Cyprus, providing power management services to the transmission network. The demonstration site is considered to be the Athienou Substation (132/11kV) at the Southern part of the island, where there is high demand during summer time and significant RES production at the distribution level.

Objectives - Ambition

  • To increase network flexibility at the TSO/DSO interfaces via implementing an ADN concept.
  • To demonstrate network control with a storage system and energy trading services from the producers/consumers at the distribution side.
  • To examine the potential of an ADN to provide synchronous reactions in case of a sudden event in the grid and to adapt to instantaneous power flows between TSO and DSO.
  • To examine the potential of an ADN to act as an intelligent aggregate agent able to participate in new markets and to endorse flexibility.